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1004 Kicks


This weekend my karate school is having a kick-a-thon to raise money. If you have a minute and a couple bucks to spare, please consider sponsoring me to do 1004 kicks! The school is a volunteer-run non-profit, and the funds go to operating costs and scholarships to help people pay for classes and go to special training. We're not selling candy or magazines, just trying to raise money by improving our karate!

I have been lazy about doing fundraising, so if you'd like to help, please PAYPAL me a small quantity of money TODAY (to kelly at pdxcb dot net). Please include the following information:

Phone #
Email address
If you'd like to receive the FKU newsletter (I'll assume no unless you say so)

If you'd like more information about the school, check out their website.

Name My iPhone

My current theme for naming computers is cities from Invisible Cities. I recently obtained a replacement iphone (my pocket computer) but do not have a copy of Invisible Cities with me here in Portland. If you have it handy, please suggest a city as a name. For reference, my previous iphone was Leonia, the city where everything was thrown out and replaced anew every day.

Hey New York!

Dear everyone I know who lives in New York,

There is a Portland music showcase going on all day on this Friday, October 24, at the Knitting Factory. My brother's friend Greg got himself invited to perform. As is typical for Greg's shows, he will be accompanied on the baritone ukulele by my brother Rian. This is a pretty big deal for them, and I'd like to encourage everyone I know to go see them. Unfortunately, since they are far from being the headlining act, they are scheduled to go on at 11:30 at the old office, according to the flyer. So if you somehow happen to be free or nearby at 11:30 on Friday, it would be awesome if you could go see them play.

If you are not available in the middle of a weekday, but would be up for meeting up with them some other time, they are cool and friendly people and will be in New York October 22-29. I don't know about Greg, but Rian has never been to New York and I would like their trip to be awesome.

Greg's myspace
Rian's music myspace
Show info from Knitting Factory website

San Francisco

Dear lazyweb,

Ryan and I are going to San Francisco for our anniversary next month. I was thinking it would be fun to have dinner someplace kind of swanky, where we could get a little dressed up and treat ourselves to an excellent meal. Problem: I don't know San Francisco at all. The situation is further complicated by the fact that we'd want somewhere with some vegetarian food on the menu, so I can't just pick any old fancy-pants restaurant. Do any of you more familiar with the city have suggestions for a place that would meet our needs?


PS Other suggestions for things to do in SF also appreciated.

and I say, it's alright

Today I decided to walk up to a nearby coffee shop to work. The sun was shining and it was warm enough that I was wearing hoodie and no coat. As I was walking, I was overwhelmed with good feeling. Joy is probably too strong a word, but it was was a good, satisfied sensation of well-being. But what struck me the more than feeling good was not feeling bad. I've been so down the last few months. Part of is just that I'm under a lot of stress and I feel guilty for how slow my thesis is coming. I think part of it too is our old friend SAD. At any rate, I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off me. The relief was so strong that I started crying right there on the street. When I got to the coffee shop, they were playing Abbey Road. 'Here Comes the Sun' came on and I almost started crying again, it was so perfect.
If you have something longer than 30 characters to say to me, I guess you can just post an anonymous comment.

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Hey, look at us!

For finishing the current diplomacy game, and perhaps playing future diplomacy games, I created a community, europe1901 . I sent invites to all the active players in the game, but any other interested parties are welcome to join the community as well.

word choice

There are two events, Event A and Event B.

If Event B can only occur if Event A has already happened, I can say Event B requires Event A.
If Event B can only occur if Event A has NOT happened, Event B _________ Event A.
Is there a one-word verb in English that can go in that slot? Everything I can think of only fits the Event A ________ Event B form (e.g. prevent, forbid, disallow), or I have to negate something or otherwise use a multi-word expression. If this verb exists, please let me know.

shout out

My recent spate of xmas knitting combined with my recently joining Ravelry means that I am going to try to put some stuff in my long-abandoned knitting journal slipslipknit . I thought maybe I should re-invite people to check it out, although there is not much to see right now.


looking up
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